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Le Speciali Sfoglie®
...little bakery masterpieces created through emotions... Le Speciali Sfoglie® are fragrant and golden sweet puff pastries with an innovative and unique Design. They are all-Italian pastries created with passion, attention to detail and only the best ingredients...
In 2004, G.M. Piccoli designed a new puff pastry product named PERLA™, registering it as a “decorative model” of its own exclusive property.
This product has an innovative, easily recognisable shape, ample filling and its surface is shiny and crunchy. Subsequently they have been designed and registered other exclusive products: Rondo Plait, Puff Pastry Sunrise, Puff Pastry Wing, Puff Pastry Leaf, Puff Pastry Diamond hailing a “new era” in the cafeteria breakfast products sector: products that are no longer “anonymous” but which can be identified by the consumer thanks to their exclusive shape.