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Breakfast Fit
Do you think that starting your day on an empty stomach is good and make us lose weight? We were wrong: those who don’t have breakfast in the morning is brought to eat more during the day, with the risk of exceeding and fat.
Breakfast is one of the main meals at any age, the Italian and international guidelines on nutrition suggest that about 20% of daily calories should be taken with the first meal of the day.
After the long overnight fast in fact, our bodies need primarily to supply energy and nutrients to meet the commitments of the day.
It is scientifically demonstrated that people who skip this important event with health has more difficulty concentrating during the morning.
Moreover, the regular intake of breakfast, was associated with a better distribution of calories throughout the day. Who makes a balanced breakfast every morning, not only takes less frequently than the "meals", but not likely to exceed with the caloric intake even in later meals.

So why not learn how to start the new day with a breakfast that can become a tasty and nutritious rainbow of colors and flavors.
A quarter of an hour of peace, where one of the Le Speciali Sfoglie® savored slowly layers, whereas, if "tomorrow is another day", today there is no need to fret so much...

Five golden tips for consuming a perfect breakfast with the Le Speciali Sfoglie®:

1. Breakfast should be eaten every day with the Le Speciali Sfoglie®.

2. The breakfast needs vary, depending on the mood and preference when choosing between: PERLA™ - ALBA - FOGLIA - VOLO - ZAFFIRO - DIAMANTE.

3. In a full breakfast must be present all the nutrients, carbohydrates with fiber, sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins present in the Le Speciali Sfoglie®.

4. According to the guidelines of the most important companies of Nutrition, a proper breakfast should reach 20% of total daily calories or coffee or cappuccino or juice as a one of the Le Speciali Sfoglie®.

5. It is important to reserve a few minutes to eat breakfast in peace, to face their day of work or study emotions by letting the Le Speciali Sfoglie®.